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Search engine advertising can find who are really looking for your business and to find in a cost-effective way. Which is known as paid search. Your ad will appear in the first page of Google when someone searches the keyword which is related to your business and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. PPC advertising is the fastest way to have high traffic and sales.

Google or Bing - which one is appropriate for my business?

Microsoft advertising like Google and Bing are the two major search engines. To set up a paid search campaign it is bit confusing and time-consuming also but need not to worry we are there to help you out. CCS are the best advertising partner that provides exclusive access to resources to allow you to have benefits from search engine advertising quickly.

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PPC advertising covered

PPC management has been covered us

We have complete control over the performance growth of your ads. Since we have the expert team, we provide the best platform for your business to stand front of the potential customers by doing all your PPC advertising. It includes researching your keywords, setting up your AdWords account, managing your campaigns and analyzing your rankings. You will get monthly updates in detail by our team.

Targeted Google AdWords

Run targeted Google AdWords marketing for your budget

Our Google PPC advertising plans are set up in such a way that it is affordable to every budget, They start from as little as $495 plus $165 setup per month for a minimum of three months. Includes $200 Google Ad spend.

Chase sales with Google remarketing

Run behind sales with Google remarketing Services

You can follow your customers online soon after they leave your website by using Google adwords. invite them back to complete their purchase with subtle but targeted ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no fixed budget that can be applied to every business. Your PPC budget should be as unique as your business. it completely depends on your plans to advertise and what kind of business you run. How competitive your industry is? is one of the factors that influence your Google ad spend .get advice by the expert to decide your budget. Speak with our consultants on 9513638000/01/02/03/04/05 for advice tailored to your business.

Frequent updates in the Google advertising platform are to provide a better platform for advertisers and users. Staying up-to-date takes time and means reading industry news and following relevant industry experts. You need to know a lot, since we know our Google Ads expert we will take care of it, and we ensure your ads are performing at their best always and improve the ROI of your business by following the relevant Google news.